10-28-13   NEW YORK TIMES Goes Back to 'Video'  Excuse for Benghazi

The Administration's leading 'water boy media' outlet, the New York Times, reports today that , yes, Marge, it WAS that 'anti-Islam video' made by Americans that prompted NON-ALQUEDA Libyan militants to torch the American embassy in Benghazi and Tripoli, killing four top-ranking Americans.  Believe it or not.  We thought that even the main Admin principles gave up on that one a long time ago.  Some say, it is the Times attempt to smooth things over for Hillary's expected run for President in 2016. Of course, we know that Hillary had just a little involvement in Benghazi - SEE Benghazi Timeline.  The Times better look for a better one next time than this lame retread excuse


So, the Administration blasts out through THEIR media (which is most of the media) that over 1 million people have no signed up for AHC  .  Sounds good on paper.  Of course, they're only reporting the GOOD PART of the story, right off the Admin's press release.  What they don't tell you is that the far majority of those signees HAVE NOT YET PAID for the health insurance , which makes their signing void until they do.  Based on the rising prices of Obamacare  it's doubful that half those people will ever be legitimate Obamacare members. Of course, the mainstream person who hears this headline blasted over radio , TV or even in blogs will not research it and just assume Obamacare is going great guns now.  But, even  as the Admin DID admit the previous Press Release, jsut because people have signed up doesn't make them health care receipients until they pay.

All news reports we've heard lead one to believe, as above, that this 'poor' Oakland girl
who blead to death after a tonselectomy, is being deprived of  a feeding and breathing tube.
Therefore,  the one or two nursing facilities around the country offering to take   cannot, the news goes on, since the 'mean' hospital won't put in the required feeding and breathing tubes.
Here, we're dealing with a girl declared brain dead by three different doctors.  There are rules and
laws about releasing a dead body.  I had the same problem with my own father, who was NOT brain dead , but cculd not be released  from the hospital because he still had a feeding tube . 
Children's Hospital  of Oakland is world reknown , yet , this girl's parents have become authorities, over doctors,  we're lead to believe if we listen  or read the mainstream news reports.
It's nice the parents care about  their daughter but this is going far;  

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