Thursday, July 16, 2015

U.S.Inspectors Banned from All Iranian Nuclear Sites Says Susan Rice

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Iranian Nuclear Sites Will NOT Be Inspected by Americans, but Iranian Sympathizers, Says Susan Rice - 

nounthe crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

It's one thing that the U.S. must notify Iran 24 days in advance of nuclear inspections per the new  Nuclear Pact, but we learn from our own U.S. Attorney General Susan Rice that Only pro-Iranian IAEA Inspectors Will Be Allowed. 

If this isn't giving away the store and opening the floodgates to sure nuclear weapons by the Iranians nothing is... 

And that's only the beginning.  Rice also admits that the Iranians will likely spend some of the $100 billion the U.S. is giving them on military weapons that will likely used against us. 

If the above is not 'betraying one's country' we can't imagine what is.  

  •  This the same day that 4 marines were murdered by a likely 24-year-old muslim terrorist in Chattanooga where arms are not allowed (on military bases based on a January, 1993 action by former president Bill Clinton.
  •  This the same day President Obama spoke at an Oklahoma prison trying to get more 'young' out of prision, the same day a young person just killed four of our military.

Susan Rice: NO AMERICANS Will Be Allowed to Inspect Iranian Nuclear Sites

This wasn’t a nuclear deal – This was a surrender
Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice, of Benghazi fame, went on CNN to promote the P5+1 nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.
During the discussion Rice admitted that NO AMERICAN EXPERTS will be allowed in to inspect the Iranian nuclear sites.
iran nuclear sites
Iran will also have $100 billion to spend on military operations in the region.

What could possibly go wrong?
Transcript via Grabien:
BLITZER: “Let’s clarify a few points as far as the nuclear deal with Iran is concerned. I take it that all of the IAEA inspection teams, all inspectors who go in will have to be from country that have formal, full diplomatic relations with Iran. As a result, no Americans will directly be involved in any on the ground inspections in Iran — is that right?”
RICE: “Wolf, yes. The IAEA, which is a highly respected international organization, will field an international team of inspectors. And those inspectors will in all likelihood come from IAEA member-states, most of whom have diplomatic relationships with Iran. We of course are a rare exception.”
BLITZER: “No Americans — I want to be precise on this. Sorry for interrupting. No Americans will be on the ground in Iran actually inspecting?”
RICE: “No Americans will be part of the IAEA inspection teams.”
BLITZER: “Will Americans be outside –”
RICE: “There are Americans in Iran on a daily basis, Wolf. I’m not sure what you are asking.”
BLITZER: “American government officials or military officials who could be inspecting?”
RICE: “They’re not going to be independent American inspectors separate from the IAEA. The IAEA will do the inspections on behalf of the United States and the rest of the international community.”
BLITZER: “I know there are American tourists and Americans who go visit family members in Iran. I’m talking U.S. government sent people, diplomats or others to go in there and see what is going on. I take it they will not be doing that?”
RICE: “I don’t anticipate that, no.”
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