Friday, July 6, 2018

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  Trump's Tariffs Will Raise Prices on Televisions for US Consumers, Study Shows - Save NOW on HDTVS Televisions will cost U.S. consumers millions more each year if President Trump slaps billions of dollars in proposed tariffs on China, a ne...

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Friday, April 27, 2018

House Intelligence Committee Report Finds Election Collusion Not By Trump Team but by Obama Administration

With recent House Intelligence Committee report we learn, officially, that our top two  Security heads , James' Comey and    Clapper were 'leakers' who offered inconsistent information to support an apparent coup in the 2016 Presidential election. And, virtually every other Obama Administration Cabinet member was in on the coup to keep Donald Trump from becoming President, according to the report,   more collusion than anything coming from the Trump team or Russia, for that matter.  It was  learned from the House Intelligence Committee's report   (4-17-18) that not a single witness offered  any evidence of Trump collusion in the Presidential election. Instead, it was the Democrats who were the colluders, according to the report 

Even Comey and Clapper have basically admitted setting up this entire 'REVERSE COLLUSION.' Comey carefully planned  his 'memos' as 'evidence' to go after Trump, setting up the eventual Special Council, his friend Robert Mueller. This came,  conveniently,    after Comey, conveniently, got himself fired   When Comey 'warned' Trump of the salacious Dossier he  knew it was a phony document.   It was then CIA head James Clapper, now   a CNN pundit  , who leaked Dossier information, according to the House report.

And,  a third and fourth high security person, Brennan and Lynch,   were also implicated in the report. Obama operatives Mueller, Strzok, Rosenstein, McCabe, Orr, Powers, Rice, and even Virginia congressman Mark Warner (who has been involved in the house investigation  but as a  'non-cooperating'  Democrat)   They were all involved in planting stories, bought and paid by   wealthy Democrats , reports the House Intelligence Committee . Most, including FBI number two man, Ron  Rosenstein, were involved in obtaining unverified warrants to 'go after' more Trump officials including Mike Flynn  without telling the warrant judges  that Dossier was  funded by political operatives of the Democrat  party. 

Meanwhile,  Comey has  contradicted himself  , now telling media that he KNEW about the Republicans being behind the Steele Dossier but NOT the Democrats! (If he knew about the Republicans he surely knew about the Democrats who bought the Dossier early in the game.

And, now we also learn from the Federalist that a former Diane Feinstein employee , a Mr Jones, was involved in acquiring $50 million to purchase the misleading Dossier for the Democrats. 

The House has also noted how the 'mainstream' media, with an emphasis on CNN  and key players Brian Seltzer, Jake Tapper and Clapper , himself,  have driven the Democrat 'story.' . It's been widely reported that Comey will soon become the latest among the above Democrat operatives to fland a job with CNN.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Obama's [In]Justice Department Sues Town for Nixing Rezoning Plan to ... More

Don't be surprised to wake up one morning and see low-income housing going in your upscale suburban neighborhood..   While President B.O.bama continues with his, seemingly, daily   pronouncements of change-or 'decrees' as the New York Times called his new bathroom gender integration promgram- it's hard to keep up with what BO and his henchmen will do next.

  1. Obama wants to reengineer your neighborhood - The...
    Jun 15, 2015 ... Under Obama's proposed rule, the federal government will collect ... Washington has no business imposing decisions about zoning and ...

How many of you know that one of those things is to re-zone all the affluent neighborhoods in American to include low-income housing to rectify what he considers 'racist' housing tracts. In the       50s and 60s  it was SHCOOL  BUSSING - which   was eventually deemed ineffective and discontinued. Now, a similar style program could become even more invasive, artificially altering your property values (lowering them in most cases) .

Don't laugh, tony Westchester County in New York may become one of the first such neighborhoods - and many of its own citizens are unaware. Obama has so many things up his sleeve he often pushes  them through on a Friday afternoon before anyone finds out and it becomes  too late to do anything about. And, if there is time to do anything, we must deal with an almost equally incompetent Senate (as President) that fears radifying such programs believing the Great BO can  shoot them down with another executive order. At least standing up to Obama would bring the issue to greater light and bring about public scrutiny that would otherwise not exist with little public knowledge of the actions to date.

Imagine living in a truly modified country where everything is controlled by the government. Our homes are our last place of refuge, yet these , too may be soon be controlled by an ever-more meddling President .

Senator Mike Lee does have a bill on the table that COULD stop Obama's rezoning of America, but the people must stand up in outrage if its going to have any teeth.
Feel free to send this around to your friends to WAKE UP AMERICA!  Also, an agency for limited government is also trying to do something about this.

  1. Time for Congress to defund Obama's racial zoning...
    Dec 3, 2015 ... By Robert Romano The omnibus spending bill for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2016 is upon us — funding for the so-called discretionary ...

Monday, December 21, 2015

Obama Vacations at $70 Million Dollars, 177 Days And Counting - Up From Bush and Others -Obama Bobblehead

Obama Vacations at $70 Million Dollars, 177 Days And Counting - Way Up From Bush , Others

By the end of his term, it's possible President Obama may end up having traveled almost one year or 14% of his time in office on vacation. (Some will say he's been on vacation the whole time.) This for a president who often doesn't begin his days until 10 am and   end them early, as one can see on his daily presidential schedule

Below is a rather typical day in the life of President Obama Dec. 15

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Obama Bobblehead in hawaii